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Writer's Block

Writer’s block. Just saying it brings a chill to those who make their living by the words they write. It’s painful, and mostly ignored by those who don’t consider it an actual affliction.

I’m just recovering from more of a writer’s cramp, than a block. The kind that the more you massage it, the more it hurts. Of course it could be that it’s trending into the holidays, and I have much more on my mind. Like can I regift that awful sweater I got last year to someone else and get away with it? Oh, and sales!

To release the hold the writer’s block has on you, here are several suggestions to try.

  • Walk away, or run away. Getting out and doing something else for a little while, like gardening, can sometimes bring on inspiration.
  • Take a long, hot bath or shower. This is my favorite, as the shower fairy and the idea fairy are good friends. They whisper ideas to me as the water flows. Just remember that your water bill can hurt, too.
  • Go for a walk. Your dog probably misses you anyway. Can’t find the leash? Ask the dog. I’ll bet that he’ll point right at it. That kind of excitement is contagious.
  • Talk to someone. Anyone. Ask them what’s new in their lives. Where have they visited recently? Inspiration is everywhere, and people say the funniest things.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself. Most blocks come from fear of being judged, and from looking for perfection. Put down the whip.
  • Just write down anything. They call them first drafts and rough drafts for a reason.

I write in stages. I look at my idea, type out a few things, then walk away and do something else. In this house it’s usually cleaning. I then go back, and type a little bit more. I do this several times until I have a bunch of ideas to work with. Then I do something I call programming. Right before I go to sleep, I allow all of my ideas to float around in my brain for about five minutes. I then open my Kindle and read for 15-20 minutes. When I wake up in the morning and grab my crazy strong British tea, most often I find that I have thoughts to add to the ideas I gave to my brain to work on the night before.


Your brain is a powerful computer. Put it to work and let yourself get some sleep for once!

“Writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” –Charles Bukowski